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Don't lose your valuable data. Schedule frequent backups for Exoscale instances.

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2 Minute Setup

Perform your first backup within 2 minutes

Frequent Backups

Schedule snapshots with granularity from every hour to every day, in your timezone.

Archive Backups

Advanced rotation retention policies allows you to keep as many daily, weekly and monthly backups as you want.

Fast Recovery

Get back online fast if the worst should happen. Restoring whole server backups is easy, and we can get you running in no time.


Exoscale snapshots are kept secure inside their infrastructure. Your customers' data is kept securely by a provider already chosen and approved by you.

Easily link SnapShooter to Exoscale with IAM Keys

Exoscale offers fantastic control with access keys, generate new keys for SnapShooter and get started backing up your servers instantly.

Exoscale IAM Api Keys
Simple configuration without custom scripting

We pride ourselves on our friendly setup for configuring backups. We list your resources in our dashboard, and provide straightforward options for backup frequency and retention.
Sit back and let us manage taking new backups and pruning old ones.

SnapShooter DigitalOcean Backup Config Example
Antonello Carlomagno Avatar
Antonello Carlomagno
CEO & Founder of Wau73 srl

We develop software, professional mobile applications and use Exoscale as a cloud infrastructure to host our servers. We have been SnapShooter and Exoscale users for a long time and I am really excited to know the partnership to allow you to take snapshot backups of my machines in the cloud in an automated way.

Why Backup Exoscale Daily?

Exoscale does not offer a backup solution, SnapShooter has partnered with Exoscale to become the approved vendor for performing Exoscale scheduled snapshots.

Working closely with Exoscale SnapShooter enables you to schedule from hourly to daily backups of instances. You can then customize rotation policies for daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Making Exoscale Backups a simple process.

Start backing up your droplets, volumes and databases in no time

Connect Cloud Providers

Connect as many accounts as you wish. Manage clients and teams across different Exoscale accounts all in one dashboard.

Schedule Backups

SnapShooter finds all your resources and provides straightforward options to schedule backups, from an hourly to daily basis.

Sleep Easy

Avoid the nightmare of losing data, secure in the knowledge that SnapShooter is taking regular backups for you.