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FTP Backups

Backup from FTP to S3

Backup your FTP server to your chosen AWS S3. FTP servers can be hard to backup use SnapShoots recipe to make the process a breeze Currently in beta and limited to 20GB

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Are there limits

During early access we are limiting FTP downloads to 20gb

Do I need my own server?

You can make use of our AWS serverless offering to backup your data to AWS S3 or SnapShooter Storage

I really enjoy working with SnapShooter. Easy to connect to our Digital ocean droplets, easy to connect to Amazon S3, nice visualisation of backup tasks. When something fails, I can check backup log or contact Snapshooter Support. Nice app to have

Petr Krizan Small Avatar
Petr Krizan
Founder - Forscope

Learn how SnapShooter makes backups of your FTP.

Watch the way your data flows from source to the storage you decide.

Serverless FTP Backups

For customers who want us to directly access your Files using SnapShooters fleet of global servers.

  1. SnapShooter boots a container in a SnapShooter cluster of your choosing
  2. Once booted this container connects your Files and begins the backup process
  3. Data from Files begins streaming to the SnapShooter Container
  4. The container compresses the data and uploads it to your storage
  5. Confirmation of uploaded chunk is received, repeat steps 3,4,5 until backup completed
  6. During the backup meta data is periodic send back to SnapShooter for real time monitoring
  7. Once the backup is completed SnapShooter confirms the file size with the storage
Serverless 2 Meta 6 Customer Asset Container SnapShooter File size check Customer’s storage Owned By Customer SnapShooter Cluster 2 5 4 3 1 7

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