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Backup your FTP server to S3

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This backup recipe is in Beta, Learn more about Alpha and Beta recipes stages


Backup your FTP server to your choosen AWS S3.

FTP servers can be hard to backup use SnapShoots recipe to make the process a breeze

Currently in beta and limited to 20GB

How to Backup your FTP Server

1 - Get FTP Login details

Go and locate your FTP username, password and port.

2 Allow Remote IP Access

Depending on your setup you might be required to configure a firewall to allow SnapShooter Access

In SnapShooter Find the IP's you need Compute ip WhiteList Find the region you need, for example if your storage is US East (N. Virgina)

3 - Create a new FTP backup job

  • Login to SnapShooter
  • Go to make new backup job Quick Setup
  • Give it name

4 - SnapShooter Compute

Decide which size compute you require. In most cases with FTP you don't need a high CPU.


5 - Configure FTP Backup

  • Provide your FTP details, username, password, host and port
  • decide which filder inside your FTP server you want backed up
  • Choose a compression level. 6 is the default, hight will take longer but give you small files.

configure ftp backup

6 - Choose Storage

If you used your own server you can use any storage provide you wish.

If you used SnapShooter Compute you can use your own S3 or you can use SnapShooter Storage which comes with 500mb free.

7 - Choose Backup Frequency

Free users can enjoy daily backups, other paid plans will allow more frequent backups


Press schedule and finish

8 - Run your first Backup

Press backup now link

First FTP backup

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