UniFi Cloud Controller Backups


Backup your self hosted UniFi Cloud Controller, to your own S3 storage

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This backup recipe is in Beta, Learn more about Alpha and Beta recipes stages


Backup you cloud hosted Unifi Network Controller.

Automate your Unifi backups to be stored off-premises in the S3 provider of choice, schedule backups from hourly to daily and set how long you wish to retain them for.

SnapShooter will securely connect to your controller via SSH and copy the latest backup to your storage.

Why offsite backup

Your controller will make backups when you set to the local hard drive (typically into /var/lib/unifi/backup/autobackup) however this does not protect you against hardware fault. If the disk drops dead or you lose your VM, the config will be gone.

Setup Requirments

Don't forget to set Unifi to backup more frequently if you wish for hourly backups. SnapShooter will only make a copy of the latest file in the backup directory. Setup hourly backups