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Could you afford to lose your MySQL Database?

MySQL Backup Service

Scheduled and automate MySQL backups with easy restoring

"Stoked that SnapShooter takes care of MySQL backups for us, I started out writing my own scripts to do it but it gets pretty complicated between dumping, uploading, rotating, verifying... would much rather use a reliable service like this than roll my own!"

MySQL backup solution that streams your database to any S3 provider

A database is the one of the most valuable assets a business has, make sure you are backing up correctly! Setup a single schedule and start streaming your database to secure storage.

Frequent Backups

Schedule snapshots from every hour to every day, in your timezone.

Archive Backups

Advanced backup rotation retention policies allows you to keep as many daily, weekly and monthly backups as you want.

Fast Recovery

Restoring a MySQL backup is a simple process, select the backup you want to run and copy the command provided.

Bring your Own Storage

Store your MySQL backups in AWS S3 or DigitalOcean Spaces. More S3 compatible storage coming soon!

Backup All Your MySQL Database Tables Automatically

Schedule SnapShooter to backup all of your databases automatically, never forget when adding a new database for a client to have it backed up
Sit back and let us manage the taking of backups and efficient pruning of old backups

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Forget Bash Scripts: Simple, Dependable Auto MySQL Backups

No longer do you need to manage silent scripts that. There is nothing worth than going to restore a backup only to discover your MySQL database backup scripts stopped working months ago.

We take all of the pain of script management away, if there is an issue with a database backup we will notify you though the noficiation channels you decide. You will get a in-depth log of what went wrong and suggestions on how to fix. Our support love fixing database backups too.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example

"After messing around with bash scripts and cron jobs to back up my MySQL databases, Snapshooter's new service has been a godsend. Just a few clicks and I have reliable backups to S3 on a regular schedule."

Super Simple Setup

Choose a server to run as a worker. Once connected via SSH enter database backup credentials, choose a storage provider and set your schedule!

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All in one solution for file and database backup to the cloud

Works with self hosted MySQL as well as Managed DigitalOcean MySQL

We use DigitalOcean managed databases here at SnapShooter and we love the offering! They include daily backups as part of the offering, however as a business we like to have our most important data backed up in two locations, so we schedule additional hourly backups to S3.

Not Limited to DigitalOcean!

This is our first offering that supports backups from any provider, if there is SSH access we can back it up!

MySQL Backup Guides

Learn how to backup your MySQL databases with SnapShooter

Helpful answers

Currently, we need the following software installed: mysql-client (or mariadb) with mysqldump, tar, zip, and curl. We also use rclone but we use a binary that does not require installing by the end user.

You pay the fees associated with any external S3 storage.

Our commands are executed over the industry standard of OpenSSH, using bash commands, we don't require any sudo permissions to make a backup. We use 4096 bit secure ssh keys. We encrypt all keys and passwords, in our systems.

You pay the fees associated with the inbound/outbound traffic.

DigitalOcean offers a generous 1TB of traffic for the lowest cost ($5) droplet, but if you exceed this you may be required to pay for network traffic.

We compress the generated SQL backup to reduce transfer costs.

I’ve been using SnapShooter for the past 2 months [May 2020] to handle database backups and in that time I came to realize how reliable the service was, not to mention the amazing support that helped me in every step of the way