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The simplest solution for automated off-site MySQL backups

Automated and secure backups on any S3 provider that are simple to setup and simple to restore. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Scheduled and automate MySQL backups with easy restoring

SnapShooter automates MySQL database backups to any S3 provider

Your database is the one of your most valuable business assets. The information it holds is irreplaceable, and if a failure happens it can be catastrophic. But backing up MySQL databases can be cumbersome, time consuming, and error prone. SnapShooter takes care of the entire process for you. Set up a single schedule, and we’ll back up all your databases to secure cloud storage where they are easily accessible for restoration.

Simple Scheduling

Use our ridiculously simple interface to schedule snapshots as frequently as you want—from hourly to daily—in your timezone.

Archive Backups

Define a custom backup retention policy, and keep as many backups as you want, all securely stored in the cloud.

One Click Restore

Restore from backup through an incredibly simple interface. Just select the backup you want press the restore button, we will handle the rest.

Bring your Own Storage

Store your MySQL backups in AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or any provider that supports S3 access

"Stoked that SnapShooter takes care of MySQL backups for us, I started out writing my own scripts to do it but it gets pretty complicated between dumping, uploading, rotating, verifying... would much rather use a reliable service like this than roll my own!"

Forget Bash Scripts! Automate Everything the Simple Way

Bash scripts are tricky and unreliable. With SnapShooter, scripts are a relic of the past. Instead, our interface allows you to automate your backup schedule and retention policy the simple way. We support mysqldump for all databases, so you can even setup SnapShooter to find new databases and begin backing them up. You’ll never forget when adding a new database for a client!

SnapShooter Backup Config Example
Works Everywhere
  • MySQL Self hosted
  • MySQL Bin Logs
  • Amazon RDS MySQL Community
  • Amazon RDS MariaDB
  • Amazon RDS Aurora MySQL
  • ScaleGide MySQL
  • Upcloud Manged MySQL
  • Upcloud Manged MySQL
  • Amazon RDS
  • cPanel MySQL
  • DigitalOcean Managed MySQL
  • Google Cloud SQL MySQL
  • MariaDB
Stay On Top of Everything

There is no worse feeling than going to restore a database only to find that your backup scripts stopped working months ago. Our MySQL backup solution allows you to select your preferred notification channels, and the system will notify you immediately of any failures. You'll get an in-depth log of what went wrong and suggestions on how to fix it. Still need help? No problem! Email support is included in all plans and always willing to help.

SnapShooter Backup Config Example

"After messing around with bash scripts and cron jobs to back up my MySQL databases, Snapshooter's new service has been a godsend. Just a few clicks and I have reliable backups to S3 on a regular schedule."

Super Simple Setup

Get started with SnapShooter in a matter of minutes. Just choose a server to run as a worker. Once you’ve connected via SSH, enter the database backup credentials, choose a storage provider, and set your schedule. Backups? Done!

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Backup MySQL Databases to the Cloud

SnapShooter works with managed and self-hosted MySQL

Our automated MySQL database backup solution will store your backups on the cloud provider of your choice, including BackBlaze, AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, and Filebase. And it works with both self-hosted and managed MySQL. If they provide SSH access, we can back it up! 

At SnapShooter, we use DigitalOcean’s managed databases. They include daily backups as part of their offering. But we also think it’s good business policy to store backups in two locations, so we also schedule additional, hourly backups to AWS S3. That’s how you know the service is reliable and secure. We use it ourselves!

Helpful answers

A MySQL backup service is an essential tool for a well-running company to protect their data. No business can afford to lose their MySQL database, and using a backup service helps reduce any downtime and data loss caused by a failure in MySQL or a human error. A service will automate the process and report the issues back.

You want to use a MySQL backup service to ensure your critical databases are protected from data loss. It's all too easy for someone to delete data accidentally, a hacker to hold you to ransom or a server to crash, to name a few. With a MySQL backup service, you migrate this risk by having a 3rd party like SnapShooter handle all of your backups and store them offsite.

You want to make sure you backup your MySQL database offsite, to remove any risk that your source location gets compromised whether that is a hacker, a data centre fire or disk corruption. If your backup is not offsite, it's almost not worth having. If your current provider is having issues, you can restore your data with a second provider.

SnapShooter requires the following: mysql-client (or mariadb) with mysqldump, tar, zip, and curl. We also use rclone but we use a binary that does not require installing by the end user.

You want to backup your database to a service like AWS S3 or one of the providers' S3 storage options. S3-based storages come with high durability; you're not at the risk of a single hard drive failure. In the case of AWS S3 and SnapShooter S3, your data is replicated across many data centres by default, separated by physical distance.

A MySQL backup tool is a software application that you can manually run your backup your database; think of mysqldump used to extract the database into a SQL file you can run to recreate the database a service automates and manages the process for you.

You use your own cloud storage account, so you pay the fees associated with any external S3-compatible storage.

We follow the industry standard of OpenSSH using bash commands and don't require any pseudo permissions to make a backup. We use 4096-bit secure SSH keys. All keys and permissions are encrypted.

You pay the fees associated with the inbound/outbound traffic.

DigitalOcean offers a generous 1TB of traffic for the lowest cost ($5) droplet, but if you exceed this you may be required to pay for network traffic.

We compress the generated SQL backup to reduce transfer costs.

I’ve been using SnapShooter [since May 2020] to handle database backups, and in that time I came to realize how reliable the service was, not to mention the amazing support that helped me in every step of the way.

Tailored MySQL Backups