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Backup your Every Organisations Github repository to External Storage

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This backup recipe is in Alpha, Learn more about Alpha and Beta recipes stages


Backup your All your organistions GitHub repository to your choosen storage.

Recurring Github repo backups, create backups from daily to every hour of your public and private GitHub repositories. Don't worry about your custom scripts failing.

Sync to S3 or others

With SnapShooter you can choose any s3 based storage you want to use. Or make use of SnapShooter's free storage.

Backup your code to Dropbox, Google Drive or Azure.

Backup via your server or Via Ours

Backup your data via your own server for ultimate data control or make use of SnapShooter backup compute network to take the backup for you.

How to Backup your GitHub Repository

1 - Get Access Tokens

Go and generate a limited access GitHub Token Generate Token here

2 - Keep a Copy of that token

The token will not be shown to you again so make sure you record it during the setup process

3 - Create a new backup job

  • Login to SnapShooter
  • Go to make new backup job Quick Setup
  • Give it name

4 - Choose Server or SnapShooter Compute

Decide if you want to use your own server for the backup or want to use SnapShooter's Compute Engine, and enjoy 2h worth of backups a month (Easily enough to backup your repo daily for free)

5 - Configure GitHub Backup

  • Provide your GitHub Access personal access token from before
  • Provide your repo url in the correct format
  • Choose compression level

6 - Choose Storage

If you used your own server you can use any storage provide you wish.

If you used SnapShooter Compute you can use your own S3 or you can use SnapShooter Storage which comes with 500mb free.

7 - Choose Backup Frequency

Free users can enjoy daily backups, other paid plans will allow more frequent backups

Press schedule and finish

8 - Run your first Backup

Press backup now link

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