Can you download DigitalOcean Snapshots?


Simon Bennett 30th December 2019
You can create downloadable backups with SnapShooter - Learn More

DigitalOcean Does not let you

Unfortunately, you are unable to download your DigitalOcean snapshots and backups outside of the DigitalOcean environment. They have not made this feature available. There has been talk about making it possible but we have not seen DigitalOcean make any steps towards making this possible.

You can do a lot with DigitalOcean snapshots within their network. Create new droplets from Snapshot, restore existing droplets to snapshot and moving snapshot across data centres.

Downloadable DigitalOcean Backups With SnapShooter

Many users want to be able to have some form of downloadable backup; this is why we made this possible at SnapShooter.

We don't use the DigitalOcean snapshot API, and we directly connect to your server via a secure SSH connection and backup the files and folders you request and store them in your storage provide of choose.

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