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Droplet & Volume Snapshots

Schedule snapshots of your DigitalOcean Droplets and Volumes. Keep as many daily, weekly, and monthly backups as you want with our backup rotation retention policies.

  • SnapShooter is the only DigitalOcean recommended backup solution.

  • Fast setup, backup your servers and volumes within 2 minutes.

  • Restore your whole server with one click with your provider

  • No devops/server experience needed.

DigitalOcean Droplet and Volume snapshots

Server & volume snapshots

Database Backups

Automate backups of your databases, MySQL, Postgresql, Mongodb and more. Our advanced retention policies allow you to keep as many daily, weekly, or monthly backups as needed.

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Database backups

SnapShooter is an absurdly well-made product that I have been using for months to backup a whole range of things, from MySQL to servers and DigitalOcean and AWS to my code at GitHub. The UI is great for understanding and helping you get your backups set, and it made the whole process a joy. All my backups are actively monitored, and data is now safely backed up to my own AWS S3 account.

Patrick McKenzie (patio11) Small Avatar
Patrick McKenzie (patio11)
Founder - Kalzumeus Software

File Backups

Automate backups of your files from any Linux based operating system. Our advanced retention policies allow you to keep as many daily, weekly, or monthly backups as needed.

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File backups

Application Backups

Backing up your data is quick and easy with our fully integrated application backup solutions. Whether you build in WordPress, Craft CMS, or Laravel, SnapShooter can back up your files and your databases.

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We had previously written our own solution to handle backups for our sites and applications. However, it had never been foolproof. After well over a hundred hours of development and troubleshooting when issues came up, we decided to find a third-party solution. After testing around ten services, we decided SnapShooter was the best solution for us. It's insanely easy to set up, the outstanding customer service, and the user interface is incredibly easy to use. SnapShooter offers a plethora of backup solutions and is constantly releasing more. We highly recommend SnapShooter to anyone who needs a backup solution.

Steven Hodges Small Avatar
Steven Hodges
Systems Administrator - webspec

Powerful features to give you peace of mind

Rest easy knowing your data and your reputation are safe.

Real-Time Backup Logs

Watch your backups progress in real time

Notifications To Keep You In The Loop

Get updates and alerts via email or Slack

We Also Offer Storage!

If you don't have a storage provider, you can use SnapShooter storage, built on AWS.

Real Time Resource Monitoring

Keep a Close Eye on your Server's CPU, Memory, Networking and Disk Usage During Backups

One Backup Job, Many Files

Backup many resources as part of a single backup job.

Serverless Backups Are Here

Don't want to deal with running a server just for backups? Let us deal with it!

Bring your own Storage

Your data is your data. As long as they provide an S3-compatible API, SnapShooter can connect to it.

Security is Our Number One Priority

As a backup company, we recognise the importance of outstanding security practices.

Easy To Manage Schedules and Retention

Combine Daily, Weekly and Monthly in one easy to manage schedule

Get Your Whole Team On-Board

Don't share passwords, share SnapShooter!

Restore Your Backups Automatically

Our automation system makes restoring backups a breeze

Enabling Data Compliance

You Control Where Your Data is Stored and How It's Used

Latest insights

Discover perspectives from backup experts around data retention, trends, operations - all to help you determine your best path forward.

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