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How to Backup your Laravel Vapor MySQL RDS Database

Learn how to backup your Laravel Vapor MySQL RDS database, setup a jump box, configure SnapShooter and enjoy backups

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Nov 23, 2020
Table of Contents

# Introduction

Laravel Vapor is a service for hosting you Laravel Applications using AWS serversless lambdas, its a fantasic option for hosting your laravel applications without the issues of server maintenance, scaling and security.

RDS has backup options build in which can be a great way for restoring a backup for example in the last 3 day, but if you want to restore a database without swapping a new database in, or you want achieve backups that go back months, look no further.

# Setting up a Jump Box

If you already have a jump box you can skip this step

  • In vapor open the correct team and from the left menu select Network
  • Under jumpboxes press the button create Jump Box
  • Give it a name e.g. SnapShooter
  • Copy the Private Key
  • On your local machine create a file in '~/.ssh/snapshooter' and paste the content of the vapor output
  • run the command chmod 600 ~/.ssh/snapshooter or the key will not works
  • SSH into your box ssh ec2-user@ip -i ~/.ssh/snapshooter

# SSH into Box

From within the box, you are ready to connect to SnapShooter.

  • Login to your SnapShooter account and from the menu on the left select servers.
  • Press the Connect Server + button
  • Copy Setup Guide
  • Paste the bash into the jump box shell
  • Watch SnapShooter Connect

# Configure Backup Job

SnapShooter dashboard will have redirected you to a server overview page where you can configure a new backup.

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