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Native Snapshots/Backups

Learn about Cloud providers native backups

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2020
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# Whats a Native Backup

In SnapShooter we refer to a native snapshot as a backup that happens on your cloud provider directly with your server.

They have different names, in DigitalOcean they are called Snapshots, in AWS they are called AMI (Amazon Machine Images).

SnapShooter performs these backups on your behalf by taking advantage of your providers API to request backups, we then manage the lifecycle of these. With this you can take more frequent backups and have better control of the lifecycles.

# What platforms do you support?

We currently support four different providers for native backups. We have a file backup option that works with any provider if required.

# Where do Snapshots/Backups get stored

Your native backups get stored with your provider, you will pay the provider the storage fee's associated with storage.

Native backups will be stored in the same datacenter that your server is located.

If you enable region replication with DigitalOcean backups your snapshot will be transferred to the second region of your choice. Please make sure this is inline with your own DPA agreements.


  • DigitalOcean droplet in FRA, snapshots will be stored in the FRA DigitalOcean datacenter
  • AWS server in Ireland, AMI images will be stored within the Ireland AWS datacenter
  • Hetzner server in germany, snapshot will be stored within Hetzner german datacenter.

You will need to contact your provider directly if you have more questions about how they handle backups.

# Will you support my provider?

We aim to add more providers as demand dictates, if you wish to see your hosting platform offer better backups using there native backup offers, please email us and let us know.

# Do you Support Linode?

We have not plans to add Linode with there native backup offering, they limit it to a single backup which makes it less than ideal for customers.

We recommend using our File And Folders Backups

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