How to Backup your ScaleGrid MySQL database

How to Backup your ScaleGrid MySQL database

1 - Login to ScaleGrid and view your MySQL database

  • Login to your ScaleGrid account and find your database under the MySQL Section on left menue

2 - Allow Network Access (optional)

If you're using SnapShooter's Compute Engine for backups you will need to allow access to the ScaleGrid database, If you're using your own servers, you need to make sure your own server has its access to ScaleGrid and SnapShooter can access that server.

Allow Remote IP Access

  • Go to MySQL DB overview screen

  • Press the Firewall rules tab

  • Press the Security Group link

  • In SnapShooter Find the IP's you need Compute ip WhiteList

  • Find the region you need, for example if your storage is US East (N. Virgina)

  • Add the IP's to ScaleGride

  • Press Configure

3 - Create a new backup job

  • Login to SnapShooter

  • Go to make new backup job Quick Setup and select ScaleGrid MySQL

  • Give it name

4 - Choose Server or SnapShooter Compute

Decide if you want to use your own server for the backup or want to use SnapShooter's Compute Engine, and enjoy 2h worth of backups a month (Easily enough to backup your repo daily for free)

5 - Configure ScaleGrid MySQL Backup

  • Provide your username

  • Provide your password (feel free to make a new user)

  • Choose hostname

  • Port should remain 3306 unless changed

  • Database name will depend on what Database you want backed up

  • Flags can be left as default unless you have special requirments

  • Compression level is defaulted at 6 which is mid way, increase if you want small backups, but will take longer

6 - Choose Storage

If you used your own server you can use any storage provide you wish.

If you used SnapShooter Compute you can use your own S3 or you can use SnapShooter Storage which comes with 500mb free.

7 - Choose Backup Frequency

Free users can enjoy daily backups, other paid plans will allow more frequent backups

Press schedule and finish

8 - Run your first Backup

Press backup now link

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