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Object Storage Overview

Learn how to connect AWS to SnapShooter for daily to hourly backups

Simon Bennett]
Simon Bennett
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020
Table of Contents

# Overview

You are reminded you are responsible for storage fees associated with storage fees with external storage providers

Learn how to use SnapShoots object storage based backups to backup your key data offsite with the storage provider of your choice.

# Supported Providers

With our custom driver you can your own storage provider like MinIO


  • Supports multi-part uploads

# Rclone

We add a Rclone binary onto your server which, its self contained and does not require the installation of any libraries. We keep a copy of rclone in your servers tmp folder. We check its version before every backup against the version SnapShooter has dictated to use and update if required.

We use this for the smooth uploading of backups directly to your storage provider of choice. It enables us to avoid installing AWS CLI which comes with a lot of library dependancies.

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